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Customizing the Pexip Infinity user experience

You can easily apply your own corporate branding to the Pexip Infinity platform, and produce a personalized user experience for all of your Pexip Infinity services.

This topic gives some examples of how themes (which are applied to one or more services, and affect all participants using those services) can be used to customize the voice prompts and images used in your Pexip Infinity services, and how branding customizations can be applied to change the look and feel of the Infinity Connect clients (Pexip's free video clients, which can optionally be used to access those services).


Themes are applied to the service itself (VMR, Virtual Auditorium or Virtual Reception) or Pexip Distributed Gateway call (via Call Routing Rules), and affect all participants using that service, regardless of the device or video client that the participant is using to make the call. A different theme can be applied to each service or rule if required.

Themes are used to control:

  • all of the voice prompts used when accessing or participating in a conference
  • the appearance of PIN entry screens (on devices other than the Infinity Connect clients )
  • in-conference indicators such as audio-only participants, streaming, no incoming video etc.
  • the appearance of information screens such as waiting for host, capacity exceeded, insufficient licenses etc.

The following images show some examples of which elements of the user experience can be customized via themes. All of the examples show a video client that is accessing a service that uses the base (default) Pexip theme.

Themes are uploaded and managed via the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface (Service configuration > Themes).

For more information, including the full set of theme elements that can be customized, see Customizing images and voice prompts using themes.

Infinity Connect customization

The branding and styling of the Infinity Connect Web App and the Infinity Connect desktop client can also be customized.

The participant has the same branding experience when using the application, regardless of which service is being accessed. (However, the theme-based elements of each service may also have been customized as described above.)

Infinity Connect customization can be used to control:

  • the logos and background image displayed on the application's home page
  • the foreground and background colors used for:
    • headings, input fields and buttons on the home page and other dialogs (such as PIN entry or adding a participant)
    • the participants list and chat window
    • in-call control buttons and the conference control menu options

The following images show examples of the Infinity Connect Web App using the default Pexip branding, and identifies the elements of the application that can be customized:

You can customize the Infinity Connect Web App by creating and then uploading a branding package to the Management Node (Service configuration > Web App customization).

There are two main ways to create a branding package for the Infinity Connect Web App:

  • via the Pexip branding portal (
  • manual configuration of the default branding files after downloading them from the Management Node

For more information, see Customizing the Infinity Connect Web App.

If you also use the Infinity Connect desktop client, you can use the same set of customized files in both the Infinity Connect Web App and the Infinity Connect desktop client. See Customizing the Infinity Connect desktop client for more information.