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Configuring other hypervisors and orchestration layers

This section describes some of the configuration required for deployments using hypervisors and orchestration layers not officially supported by Pexip Infinity.

This configuration is required before you install the Management Node or deploy a Conferencing Node.

Refer to your hypervisor's documentation for complete instructions on how to perform these tasks.

Static IP addressing

Pexip Infinity Management Nodes and Conferencing Nodes support static IP addressing only. Therefore the hypervisor or orchestration layer must also support static IP addressing.

Synchronizing time

All host servers must be synchronized with accurate time before you install the Pexip Infinity Management Node or Conferencing Nodes on them.

  • NTP must also be enabled on the Management Node VM before you deploy any Conferencing Nodes (this is done during installation of the Management Node).
  • We strongly recommend that you configure at least three distinct NTP servers or NTP server pools on all your host servers and the Management Node itself. This will ensure that log entries from all nodes are properly synchronized.