Configuring your Azure subscription

We recommend setting up a separate subscription for your Pexip deployment.

We recommend using a separate subscription because Azure Resource Manager enforces a per hour limit on the number of requests it transacts, hence it's possible for hard limits to be reached if you have other applications that are also transacting with Resource Manager within the same subscription. This applies mainly if you intend to use dynamic bursting into Azure.

If you have an Enterprise Agreement (EA) or Pay-As-You-Go subscription, and you are using this subscription primarily for your Pexip platform, you can link Pexip to this subscription — assigning Pexip as the Microsoft partner provides telemetry to Microsoft that Pexip is associated with the resources consumed by this subscription. This does not apply if you are in the Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

To set your subscription's Microsoft partner ID to Pexip:

  1. From the Azure portal, select Subscriptions.
  2. Select the subscription you are using for your Pexip deployment.
  3. Select Partner information.
  4. In the Microsoft partner ID field , enter 4240224 (Pexip's reference ID) and select Validate ID.

    Partner: Pexip AS should be displayed.

  5. Select Save partner.