Assigning hostnames and FQDNs

The Management Node and each Conferencing Node within your deployment must have a unique hostname.

Hostnames can be made of a combination of numbers, letters, and the hyphen (-) character, and are case-insensitive. Hostnames cannot be entirely numeric.

A Conferencing Node's assigned hostname/FQDN is not used in any call signaling, and can be different from the actual DNS FQDN you might use to point to that Conferencing Node.

The node's SIP TLS FQDN is used:

  • in SIP signaling (if configured)
  • MS-SIP signaling (mandatory)
  • for any self-referential redirects in web requests.

However, we recommend that the hostname and the domain combination that you assign should match the DNS name or FQDN that you will use to refer to the node for call routing. This makes it easier to manage your deployment, for example by:

  • allowing you to use more manageable TLS certificates
  • making the system easier to access for the purposes of troubleshooting.

To assign a DNS name to a Conferencing Node, enter a valid Hostname and Domain combination when first deploying the Conferencing Node.