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Introduction to Pexip Infinity

Pexip Infinity is a virtualized and distributed multipoint conferencing platform. It enables scaling of video, voice and data collaboration across organizations, enabling everyone to engage in high definition video, web, and audio conferencing. It can be deployed in an organization’s datacenter, or in a private or public cloud such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, as well as in any hybrid combination.

It provides any number of users with their own personal Virtual Meeting Rooms, as well as Virtual Auditoriums, which they can use to hold conferences, share presentations, and chat. Participants can join over audio or video from any location using virtually any type of communications tool (such as Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business, a traditional conferencing endpoint, a mobile telephone, or a Pexip Infinity Connect client) for a seamless meeting experience.

Virtual Meeting Rooms and Virtual Auditoriums can also be accessed through a Virtual Reception IVR service, which allows all participants to dial a single number to access Pexip Infinity, and then use the DTMF tones on their endpoint to select the conference they want to join. The platform also includes the Pexip Distributed Gateway service, allowing end users to place calls to other endpoints that use different protocols and media formats.

The complementary Pexip Infinity Connect suite of clients allow users to connect to any Virtual Meeting Room or Virtual Auditorium within the Pexip Infinity deployment, either:

  • directly from a web browser without any special downloads or plugins
  • from an installable desktop client
  • from an Infinity Connect Mobile client, available for iOS or Android.

In addition to connecting with video and audio, Infinity Connect users can control the conference, view presentations, share content and chat. Infinity Connect can also be used to make direct calls to other devices or systems when used in conjunction with the Pexip Distributed Gateway.

For more information on using and administering Infinity Connect, see Introduction to Infinity Connect.

Pexip Infinity’s unique distributed architecture is purely software-based and virtualized, running on industry-standard servers, meaning it can be deployed quickly and simply with the flexibility to scale as required.