Introduction to Pexip Infinity

Pexip Infinity is a self-hosted, virtualized and distributed multipoint video conferencing platform. It can be deployed in an organization’s own datacenter, or in a private or public cloud such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, as well as in any hybrid combination. It enables scaling of video, voice and data collaboration across organizations, regardless of technology platforms, seamlessly allowing everyone to engage in high definition video, web, and audio conferencing.

It provides any number of users with their own personal Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs), which they can use to hold conferences, share presentations, and chat. Participants can join over audio or video from any location using the endpoint or client of their choice, including:

  • Professional video conferencing room systems (Microsoft Teams Rooms, SIP and H.323 devices)
  • Desktop/mobile (with the Pexip Connect app suite of clients)
  • Web browsers (WebRTC - no downloads required)
  • Traditional audio conferencing (PSTN dialing)

VTC experience

Pexip VMRs maintain the same customized address and are always available for spontaneous 1-to-1 or group meetings.

VMRs can also be accessed through a Virtual Reception IVR service, which allows all participants to dial a single number to access Pexip Infinity, and then use the dial tones on their endpoint or phone to select the conference they want to join.

There is a wide choice of layouts. You can select from a range of classic layouts, Pexip's AI-driven Adaptive Composition layout featuring real-time automatic face detection and framing, or you can even design your own custom layouts.

The platform also includes the Infinity Gateway service, which allows end users to place calls to other endpoints that use different protocols and media formats, or to seamlessly connect into an externally-hosted conference, such as a Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business meeting, or Google Meet.

Pexip's Media Playback Service allows you to play prerecorded video content (such as adverts and informational videos) to consumers. When the media finishes playing, the user can be transferred to another service, such as a VMR conference, or they can be disconnected.

It automatically transcodes all the popular video and audio codecs and supports standard protocols including SIP, H.323, and WebRTC. It supports all standards-based devices including those from Cisco, Poly, Lifesize, Sony, Radvision, Yealink, and Avaya. It also supports software clients such as Microsoft Teams Rooms, Skype for Business and Surface Hub.

Scheduling and joining meetings

Pexip's One-Touch Join (OTJ) allows users to schedule a meeting in Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar and include in the invitation a meeting room with a supported Cisco or Poly videoconferencing endpoint, so that the endpoint in the chosen meeting room displays a Join button just before the meeting is scheduled to begin. Participants can then simply walk into the room and select the button, and the endpoint will automatically dial in to the meeting.

In addition, VMR Scheduling for Exchange integrates Pexip Infinity with Microsoft Exchange. It enables Microsoft Outlook desktop and Web App users to schedule meetings using Pexip VMRs as a meeting resource.

Management and control

The administrator interface provides a single place to manage the entire Pexip Infinity platform, including the ability to:

  • Configure your Pexip Infinity conferencing services (Virtual Meeting Rooms, Virtual Receptions and so on).
  • Create and manage the Conferencing Nodes that host your conferences.
  • Scale on-demand, including dynamic bursting to a cloud service when required, creating capacity only when you need it to save daily running costs.
  • Monitor live and historical video usage across the entire platform, as well as call quality and other analytics.
  • Perform active conference management tasks such as adding or disconnecting participants, locking a conference, or muting a participant’s audio.
  • PIN-protect conferences and differentiate between Hosts and Guests to give different users different controls.
  • Stream content directly from a VMR to a range of third-party RTMP streaming platforms.

It comes with comprehensive RESTful APIs allowing deep and advanced integrations with numerous services and tools such as PowerBI, plus authentication, authorization and provisioning capabilities against an AD/LDAP database.

You can extend Pexip Infinity's built-in functionality by using external and/or local policy to apply bespoke call policy and routing decisions based on your own specific requirements.

Pexip’s unique distributed architecture is purely software-based and virtualized, running on industry-standard servers, meaning it can be deployed quickly and simply with the flexibility to scale as required. Administrators have access to upgrades as soon as they are released.

Privacy and security

The Pexip Infinity self-hosted solution supports the industry standards for communication encryption for end-user devices, ensuring that all video calls and shared media content is secure and kept private even if it crosses the internet. The entire deployment and all its data, including call status, diagnostic logs and call history, is completely under the ownership and control of the enterprise, even when deployed in the cloud.

In addition, the Pexip Infinity platform has been designed to comply with US Federal security requirements.

Customizable to your standards

You can make Pexip Infinity your own with a variety of customization options. You can easily apply your own branding to the Pexip Infinity platform to produce a personalized user experience.

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