The following features are designed to improve accessibility of the Pexip Infinity user experience, including the Connect apps, in support of AAA WCAG 2.0 compliance.

Feature More information
High contrast mode The High contrast option increases contrast between the foreground and background elements of the user interface, making them more legible.
Progress animations and customizable spinners Colors and contrast can be customized through the Pexip branding portal.
Resizing Text Text can be resized to 200% without loss of content or function.
Events stream All significant events and chats are displayed textually in the events panel.
Screen reader support Screen readers can access the Events stream live.
Navigation and focus Navigation has been designed to streamline keyboard input.
Help Tooltips are used throughout the client to create context and provide help.
Audio prompts Audio prompts complement splash screen messaging. These are customizable.
Text overlay Text overlays displaying participant names can be enabled.
Alarms The presence of active alarms is indicated by a flashing blue icon on the Management Node Administrator interface.
Choice of colors Colors used in the Administrator interface have been chosen to provide maximum accessibility and contrast. For example, in the Administrator Logs and Support logs, warnings and errors are highlighted with an orange or blue background respectively; Live View search is yellow and blue.