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About Virtual Meeting Rooms

A Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) is a personal virtual meeting space that is always available for use. It can host any number of people from any type of device.

Each VMR has one or more aliases associated with it. Participants access the VMR by dialing any one of its aliases - this will route them all to the same conference. For more information, see About aliases and Configuring Virtual Meeting Rooms.

Participants can access VMRs from any video endpoint, or by using one of Pexip's Infinity Connect clients — for more information see Introduction to Infinity Connect.

VMRs can be PIN-protected, and you can also assign Host and Guest privileges to conference participants. For more information, see About PINs, Hosts and Guests.

You can also place a limit on the number of participants that can access a VMR at any one time.

Administrators manage VMRs from the Pexip Infinity Administrator interface. For more information, see Configuring Virtual Meeting Rooms.

There is no limit on the number of VMRs that can be configured on your Pexip Infinity platform. VMRs do not consume resources on your deployment unless they are actually being used to host a conference. Unless you manually restrict access, the number of participants who can access a particular VMR, and the number of VMRs that can be in use at the same time, are limited only by the size of your Pexip Infinity deployment (in terms of server capacity and licenses).

VMRs can be bulk-provisioned from directory information contained in a Windows Active Directory LDAP server, or any other LDAP-accessible database.